What is the difference between Pad and UV printing?

PAD printing is a more costly method as it is smooth to the touch and resembles authentic LEGO minifigures which uses the same printing method. UV digital print is a less expensive print and the paint has an embossed feel which sometimes can be advantageous as it can give a figure more of a texture. Both prints are durable and safe.  

How do I take care of the figure?

All of our figures are professionally printed using high quality paint. They are perfect for collecting, displaying and can also stand up to extended play.  Some figures with chrome parts or custom accessory parts may be more fragile and we recommend handling with care to avoid damages. Please note that since our figures use recycled LEGO pieces, some micro scratches on the base plastic can be expected.

Why do I find the same figure on another site and it costs a lot less than your store?

Our figures use only recycled authentic LEGO pieces.  You can tell by the micro stamped "LEGO" on all of our figure parts.  We polish the recycled figures, and print using top quality paints that are resilient and safe.  Other cheaper figures are made with inferior plastic that are less resilient, and low quality paints which can rub off and may be hazardous.

Do you design and print the figures in your store?

We are a re-seller of many brands of custom minifigures.  We do not print the figures ourselves. We sometime collaborate with our manufacturer to produce limited edition figures, but all are designed and printed by our partner manufacturer.

What if I want to cancel an order?

A 15% Cancellations Fee will be assessed on all cancelled order.  Unfortunately our payment processor's fees are non-refundable so we can not provide free cancellation.  Please place your order with care.

What if my item arrives damaged?

We carefully check all of our items before shipping.  We use the most secure methods to insure your items arrive in perfect condition.  If you feel the item arrived damaged, please contact us immediately.  Please take a picture of the item and the shipping package, and send us a message with your order number within three (3) days of receiving the item.  We will do our best to accommodate and resolve the issue to the best of our ability.  We can not be responsible for damaged or missing items after the item has been in your possession for more than three days. 

How long can I expect to receive my order?

It depends on your ship to location. Please refer to our Shipping and handling and COVID-19 pages for more info.

I just received a tracking number, but no tracking update.  What happened?

Please allow up to 48 hours for tracking numbers to reflect status of package. Weekends and U.S. holidays may cause delay in shipping status.