Custom Molded Hulkbuster (Mark 44)

Custom Molded Hulkbuster (Mark 44)

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Produced by: MINIFIGS Factory

Custom Molded



This is a custom molded and printed exo-armor compatible with official or custom LEGO minifigures. 

Item features:

  • Item does not come with any minifigures (MK43 in photo is for reference only)
  • 3.5 inch height
  • Shoulder and wrist are able to rotate
  • Mask can flip open
  • Compatible with LEGO minifigures, able to stand on LEGO base plate

Handle and care

All of our figures are professionally printed using high quality paint. They are perfect for collecting, and can also stand up to extended play.  Some figures with chrome parts or custom hair pieces may be more fragile but we recommend handling all of our figures with care to avoid damages. Please note that since our figures use recycled LEGO pieces, some micro scratches on the base plastic can be expected.


Please refer to our Shipping Policy for details


CHOKING HAZARD! Not for Children under 3 years of age!

Please note: This figure is made with 100% genuine LEGO parts, however it is not a LEGO product. LEGO® is a trademark of the LEGO® Group which does not sponsor, authorize or endorse this product.  The LEGO® Group is not liable for any loss, injury or damage arising from the use or misuse of this product.